Google Maps Scraper Chrome Extension
Download to Get your Leads

Map Lead Scraper is a chrome browser extension that helps users to scrape and extract information from Google Maps. Please follow the instructions below to install and get started.

Updated July 26, 2023

3-Step Process

Step 1: Download and Unpack Chrome Extension

Download: after downloading, unzip the extension.

Unpack: extract the files to a safe folder, not Downloads, to avoid accidental deletion.

Step 2: Open Chrome and Enable Developer Mode

Open Chrome, navigate tochrome://extensionsor click the menu in the top-right, select "Extensions", then "Manage Extensions."

Enable "Developer mode" at the top right of the Extensions page.

Step 3: Install Google Maps Scraper Extension

Click "Load unpacked" and navigate to the extension file location. Select the directory and click "Open".

Finish the installation. The extension should now be in your installed extensions list.

NOTE: Pin for Easier Access

1. The new extension may not appear in the extensions bar by default. To pin it, click the Extensions icon (puzzle piece) in the top-right corner. Find your extension in the dropdown list and click the pin icon next to it.

2. The extension will now be visible in your Chrome toolbar.


In summary, it just takes confirming the extension install prompts, and pinning it for easy access to start using Google Maps Scraper on Google Maps in Chrome. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!
Google Maps Scraper Chrome Extension